Buy Xrp from Ripple with US Dollars / Euros on Binance. This is a step-by-step beginners guide to buy XRP from Ripple using a credit card and Cryptocurrency exchanges Changelly and Binance.

Ripple has experienced a “flood” of interest in the cryptocurrency arena, mostly due to the fact that they are aligning themselves with some of the biggest financial organisations in the world such as Barclays, HSBC, Bank of America and the Bank of England to name a few.


Recently, there have been rumours that Ripple may be in talks with Uber and Amazon. This may be hype (so don’t quote us) however, it certainly is fuelling the swell of interest for investors, experienced and novice alike, to buy XRP.

Why should I buy XRP from Ripple?

What sets Ripple apart from other blockchain technology companies is the fact that they are able to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain.  They are attracting global financials institutions with promises of processing their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Since the launch of the Ripple XRP ledger in 2012, the start-up has accumulated more than 100 customers around the world and their on-boarding strategy seems to be paying off.

The Ripple management team, captained by Brad Garlinghouse, is second to none and it continues to get stronger as the interest in the company becomes greater.  Recent recruits include Zoe Cruz, Ron Will and Benjamin Lawsky.

Chief Cryptographer David Schawrtz, is in our humble opinion, an absolute genius – check out his latest interview (21/12/2017), where it seems, even he is “decentralized”.

And other notables in the Ripple Leadership Team include Asheesh Birla (VP of Product), Monica Long (VP of Marketing) and Stefan Thomas (CTO).

Needless to say, we are excited about Ripple as an organisation so without further adieu… here is our guide on how to buy XRP.

Step-by-step guide to buy XRP from Ripple on Binance and Changelly using a debit or credit card

This is a step-by-step beginners guide to buy XRP from Ripple using these cryptocurrency exchanges Changelly, used to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with US Dollars, and Binance – used to exchange the Bitcoin (BTC) to buy XRP.

STEP 1 – Buy Bitcoin Using Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange and a debit or credit card

Before we can buy XRP, we first need to get our foot in the cryptocurrency door and purchase ourselves some Bitcoin using a bank card and US dollars.

You can buy in Euros however, the platform that I use seems to offer better exchange rates on dollars.

Changelly is a very user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange.  They may not be the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin but for beginner crypto enthusiasts, it is pretty straightforward to navigate.

There are 2 parts to step 1 so bear with!

Firstly, in order to buy Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet and this is where using an exchange like Binance helps.

So as part of step 1, you will need to open up the Binance exchange website and create an account.

I am going to skip this step as it is pretty straightforward – name, email, password, verification etc- standard for opening any account on an exchange.

I have chosen to use Binance as I am now quite familiar with it and I like the transaction process using their platform.   It is likely that you will end up using many more cryptocurrency exchanges if you are to become a real cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Sign up to Binance

Once you have a Binance account and are signed in, you will navigate to ‘Funds’ in the top right-hand menu bar and click on ‘Deposits Withdrawals’.

Use Binance to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet address to buy Cardano ADA
Use Binance to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet address.

From there you type in BTC in the search box and you’ll see a line with Bitcoin and a link to select deposit – which you click.

Once clicked, you will be presented with a long Bitcoin address like this: 12oMUa84LM83VbTEoSmnwR2jZCcSr32xnQ

Highlight and copy this address as this is where we will be sending our newly purchased Bitcoin to.

Moving on to stage 2 of Step 1 – you now have a Bitcoin address which we are going to tell Changelly to send to.

So, now head over to Changelly cryptocurrency exchange and start the buying process.

Sign up to Changelly

Buy Bitcoin using Changelly. Use your Bitcoin wallet address generated from Binance.
Buy Bitcoin using Changelly. Use your Bitcoin wallet address generated from Binance.

Using the fields on the exchange, enter the required amount of US dollars and the exchange will calculate the amount of Bitcoin you can buy.

If you are happy with this, proceed to entering that Bitcoin address you just copied from Binance.  Confirm you are not a robot (if you are, just leave it unticked – that’s a joke) and click to continue!

You will then proceed through the Changelly checkout process which is all pretty self-explanatory.

NOTE: You’ll see that for the pleasure of purchasing these Bitcoins, Changelly are charging me a $25-dollar transaction fee.

You then simply confirm your billing information, payment details and hey presto!

You have just bought your first Bitcoin!

If this is your first cryptocurrency purchase, at this point, you may start to panic.  You don’t need to… just sit back or go and make yourself a cuppa as the transaction could take up to 2 – 3 hours to process.  Mine have never taken more than 30 minutes.


You will shortly receive an email from Simplex (the changelly payment provider) saying that the transaction has completed.

STEP 2 – Exchange Bitcoin on Binance to Buy XRP

As you now have an account on Binance, you can sign in.

You can see in the top right-hand side of the screen shot, my newly acquired Bitcoin has arrived in my Binance Bitcoin Wallet!

Next you click on the top left-hand side of the screen that says ‘Exchange’. This will give you a screen that looks like this – but don’t worry – it might look daunting at first however, it is relatively straightforward.

Use Binance to Buy XRP
Use Binance to Buy XRP

To the Right of the graph you will see a list of cryptocurrency pairs – you need to type in XRP in the little search box and it will filter the XRP/BTC exchange – click on that.

Then, you’ll be presented with a green Buy XRP and a pink Sell XRP box – we are going to focus on the Buy XRP option.

I personally just select the tab that says Market – this just means that I am willing to pay now for the market rate of XRP and not bet on it dropping or going up.  So, if you are in a hurry and just want to buy XRP now, click the Market tab.

Beneath the Amount field you’ll see percentages 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.  If you click on these boxes, the system will then apportion the appropriate percentage of your Bitcoin wallet.  So in my case, I clicked on the 100%.

Then click Buy XRP.

Congratulations, you’ve just bought your very own XRP coins from Ripple!

Summary: To buy XRP Cryptocurrency on Binance follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to Binance to get a bitcoin address
  2. Sign up to Changelly to purchase Bitcoin with a debit / credit card
  3. Use Binance to Exchange Bitcoin to XRP

If you would prefer to secure your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, be sure to check out our review of the Ledger Nano S

If you have any comments, questions or anecdotes about how to buy XRP please share them here with our readers. 

Risk warning:

All investments are subject to high market risk.  This is a beginners guide on how to buy XRP from Ripple in USD on a debit or credit card.  Decryptology are by no means offering financial or investment advice.  If you do decide to invest in Cryptocurrency, please make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the respective exchanges and currencies.  Cryptocurrency is a volatile market place. You may be at risk of losing your money just as much as you can gain.  Invest responsibly.



  • engine
    Posted January 3, 2018 12:29 am 0Likes

    need urgent help here please,,i already deposited my coins from Coinbase and still dont have avialable balance to purchase..its been days (4) still zero balance available but i can see my btc accnt settin doin nothing..thanks

    • Decryptology
      Posted January 7, 2018 7:10 pm 0Likes

      Hi Engine, thanks for comment – can you clarify you were sending your BTC from Coinbase to a BTC wallet address on Binance? If so, depending on congestion on the exchange, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours at the most to appear in your BTC wallet on Binance. Just make sure that when sending from one wallet to another, you must use the correct coin… i.e. BTC to BTC, ETH to ETH. Don’t send BTC to an ETH wallet.

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